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张洪精神 The Philosophy of Cheong Hoong













马来西亚独一汇集各州道地土产的 “张洪” 它让你回味乡土情怀。。。。









齐心创造   富荣共享

服务至真   以客为尊

创新领导   坚持环保





张洪赋予文化生命   宣扬马来西亚文化特产




Cheong Hoong

"Cheong Hoong" has been a local brand since Malaysia independence in 1957, representing Chinese middle-aged entrepreneurship in that era. Cheong Hoong's products are derived from the heritage of multiracial culture and harmonious bonding, as well as a synergy of old and new savour of all time. In essence Cheong Hoong reflects traditional roots and unchanging flavours to cherish the everlasting love for the land and nation.


Through perseverance and passion to live life to the fullest, Cheong Hoong ventured into a "roots finding" journey of Nanyang flavour for ten years. The determination bears fruit of more than 60 delicious native products which have been creatively blended by multiracial communities' traditional delicacies.


Cheong Hoong represents a generation mission lasts for decades, and has become the collective memories and household name to Chinese and other races. Because from the new taste we know that something can not be replaced or even changed --- human sentiment. Durian cake, first grade coconut candy, chicken flavoured thin biscuit (black sesame), tambun biscuits and etc, all these trigger our nostalgia alongside Cheong Hoong's "roots finding" journey. Throughout the changing times Cheong Hoong presents you the original flavour of local delicacies and pure love of the pristine homeland.



The Spirit of Cheong Hoong

Cheong Hoong in his quest for his roots has chosen nothing but the finest culinary delights to represent the past. He holds strongly to the principle of 'back to the basics' eschewing the excessive use of artificial chemical-based flavours in food.


Vowing to bring back the essence of good food, he has arduously traveled from state to state to bring these products. Similarly, his elder brother holds firmly to his belief, travelling northwards until Overseas to try thousands of delicacies in order to come out with products which live up to the two prestigious brands: "Cheong Hoong" and "Lao Zhang Ji".



About Cheong Hoong

The only brand with a wide collection of native products from various states of Malaysia ... & recalls the taste of homeland.



Cheong Hoong Vision

Cheong Hoong's 10 years vision to globalize Malaysia's multi-cultural local specialities and their benefits worldwide.



Cheong Hoong Belief

Greating Together, Sharing Wealth, Be Sincere and Customer Oriented, Innovative Leadership, Insistence on Environmental Protection.



Cheong Hoong Mission

To enliven and broaden Malaysia's cultural products with Cheong Hoong.