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LAO ZHANG JI 老張記 ~ 回味乡土情怀 Recall the taste of Homeland
LAO ZHANG JI 老張記 ~ 回味乡土情怀 Recall the taste of Homeland
LAO ZHANG JI 老張記 ~ 回味乡土情怀 Recall the taste of Homeland






Cheong Hoong's elder brother, “Lao Zhang Ji” has amassed various products which do not use chemical preservatives and flavours.With the same philosophy as "Cheong Hoong", we want to let more people feel the strong flavor of the countryside, Cheong Hoong and Lao Zhang Ji work together to bring you the most natural flavor, reminiscent of the purest local sentiment.

We focus on bringing together well-known specialties from dierrent places, hoping to bring back the roots of diverse ethnic flavors, and to develop and promote traditional local products, and share with you the eternal taste of this tradition.

Lao Zhang Ji also does not forget the original intention, in order to respond to the traditional culture of Chinese New Year, we will launch the New Year confectionary only in the specific time, in order to let more people to know these traditional culture and food.

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番婆饼,又名薯粉饼,再文雅一点可以叫椰香饼,马来名字叫Kuih Bangkit。原是马来人的传统饼食,经过娘惹巧手改造,以炒过的木薯粉、鸡蛋、糖和浓香椰浆制作,轻巧粉白,入口即化。



Kueh Bangkit

Kueh Bangkit is actually a traditional Malay delicacies that has been transformed by the hands of the Nyonya to be made with pan heated tapioca flour, eggs, sugar and thick coconut milk.

The term "kueh bangkit" has a negative connotation of being old-fashioned, old-fashioned and outdated biscuits, and with the trendy western cakes taking a back seat, this old-fashioned New Year cookies has been reintroduced by our Master Cheong to an new-fashioned type of cookies.