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LAO ZHANG JI 老張記 ~ 回味乡土情怀 Recall the taste of Homeland
LAO ZHANG JI 老張記 ~ 回味乡土情怀 Recall the taste of Homeland
LAO ZHANG JI 老張記 ~ 回味乡土情怀 Recall the taste of Homeland






Cheong Hoong's elder brother, “Lao Zhang Ji” has amassed various products which do not use chemical preservatives and flavours.With the same philosophy as "Cheong Hoong", we want to let more people feel the strong flavor of the countryside, Cheong Hoong and Lao Zhang Ji work together to bring you the most natural flavor, reminiscent of the purest local sentiment.

We focus on bringing together well-known specialties from dierrent places, hoping to bring back the roots of diverse ethnic flavors, and to develop and promote traditional local products, and share with you the eternal taste of this tradition.

Lao Zhang Ji also does not forget the original intention, in order to respond to the traditional culture of Chinese New Year, we will launch the New Year confectionary only in the specific time, in order to let more people to know these traditional culture and food.

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2.倒10碗水(3升)烧开,然后放入肉骨茶包。 用中温煮1/2小时之后再用小火煮另外2小时。


Recipe Bak Kut Teh:

2 kilo Pork ribs,
8 pieces of garlic,
2 tablespoons black bean sauce,
4 tablespoons bean sauce, 
2 tablespoons oyster sauce,
A pinch salt glutamate powder,

10 Bowls (3 litre) of water and
One packet Bak Kut Teh Herbs.


Cooking Instruction:
1. Rinse Pork Ribs.

2. Pour 10 bowls of water (3 litres) to boil, then put in Bak Kut Teh Herbs. Using medium temperature to cook for 1/2 hours. Low heat of temperature cook other 2 hours.
3. Add pepper for ready serve.

Note: After finish cook Bak Kut Teh, just put black bean sauce, bean sauce, oyster sauce and salt glutamate powder.





Sos Cili 

Malaya, where people from all over the world journey to find the essence of spice, and in particular – Chili. Most local dishes are often baptized with chili. Often homemade, Chinese families will always have a glass of chili sauce in their kitchens, which are made by converting chilies into juice that’s rich in both taste and texture. Older Chinese folks are very proud of the chili sauce they make, each with their own distinct preference. Mix fresh red chili with garlic paste and you’ll get a spicy, strong smell which stimulates warmth in the stomach. It can also be a powerful trigger to help people recall lost memories.