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Brown rice cracker with sesame

Rice is the essence of the traditional Chinese people.  After reaching Nanyang, they were still firmly attached to rice and its by products.  These brown rice crackers with sesame contain our ancestors’ legacy.  With each crumb of the fragrant rice and tiny bits of sesame, there is a piece of nostalgic memory both familiar and warm; rice crackers are originally packed food to ward off hunger.  This traditional food symbolizes in each mouthful, a savour of the homeland which most had to leave behind.






Chicken Rolls

The quintessential Nyonya food. During New Year or big festivals, chicken rolls are served in the living room for the guests’ enjoyment. The crispy rolls with shredded chicken inside will definitely sweeten your mouth and stomach. Although fried, people will be submerged into a chicken-filled world where the taste of fresh chicken come through strongly. The pleasant smell is known to remind people of home and family.





Fillet Cracker with Anchovy

It is a combination of the smell of the ocean and genuine human ingenuity. Seafood loving villagers will carefully salt cod fish so they can savor the special taste in each mouthful. After baking the salted fish, they would then put it into a small bottle in which it is pressed… Soon, time stood still with the beautiful smell locked forever inside. And it is when the nostalgic journey begins.







Sos Cili 

Malaya, where people from all over the world journey to find the essence of spice, and in particular – Chili. Most local dishes are often baptized with chili. Often homemade, Chinese families will always have a glass of chili sauce in their kitchens, which are made by converting chilies into juice that’s rich in both taste and texture. Older Chinese folks are very proud of the chili sauce they make, each with their own distinct preference. Mix fresh red chili with garlic paste and you’ll get a spicy, strong smell which stimulates warmth in the stomach. It can also be a powerful trigger to help people recall lost memories.