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自然农法简单来说就是不使用农药,肥料,人工干预,以最顺应大自然的方式栽培农作物。最主要的是 - 健康的土地,休养生息,孕育出更富营养的食材。


当气候溫度升高到攝氏2535 度之間,是地底昆虫活动力最旺盛的时刻,迅速接穿掘土、攒入地底,让这片土壤松软得可以踏上与农主人契作代耕,在那里可以强烈感受到,这里的土,在自由呼吸。 不是烂泥巴那种软,踩上去会清清楚楚的留下一个足迹;它仅是微微的湿润,但土壤间彼此一点都不黏腻,藏着许多空气,软中带松





Natural Farming


Natural farming simply refers to the method of cultivating crops without the use of agricultural chemicals, fertilisers and without involving human intervention. Thus, it refers to the method of cultivating crops in the most natural way. More importantly, natural farming gives rise to a land that is healthy and revitalised whereby nutritious ingredients can be grown.


The principle of natural farming is to maintain the vitality of the soil. Thus, dead leaves and withered grass are used as coverage for mulch. Human or animal manure or kitchen waste obtained from external sources are never used. Agricultural pesticides (which includes all kinds of growth regulators and any additives that harms the soil) are not used as well. Over here, not even a little fertiliser (or chemical fertiliser) is used at all.  Even the organic fertilisers are not used here. The roots strengthen to absorb the nutrients in the soil independently. Therefore, the underground activity of the insects and worms is very vigorous. Since they gather and move energetically, they are able to make the soil fluffy and soft.    


When the temperature of the climate rises to 25°C~35°C, it is the time where the underground insects and worms are most active. Their speed of excavating and digging; and entering into the ground is increased. Thus, making the soil soft and fluffy for the owners of the farm to engage in farming. Here, we can feel that the soil is ‘breathing freely’.


The softness of this soil is not like that of mud where we can see the footprints upon stepping onto it. This soil is slightly moist but it is not sticky. There is a lot of air hidden in the soil, making the soil soft and fluffy. In natural farming, as long as the soil is ‘alive’ (or excellent), the ginger will be able to become strong. Also, only when the roots of the ginger are strong, then can the ginger grow well!

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