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A soft moist sugar with fine  grained dark brown crystals, rich in natural molasses which give it a sticky texture, special flavour and aroma. It is widely used in confectionary, more specifically in baking spicy fruit cakes or ginger cake, as well as in the making of savoury dishes or sweet and sour sauces. Made from 100% natural cane juice without adding any chemicals or additives.


Dark Molasses sugar is actually a kind of traditional brown sugar, its production process is exactly the same as brown sugar, but in the boiling time is slightly longer than the general brown sugar time, and rich in iron, boiled into the line and the air in contact with long oxidation, solid colour is black, brown-like, and has a burnt aroma.


Besides providing heat, dark molasses sugar also contains trace elements such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium, as well as folic acid and other minerals, which are not only of high nutritional value, but also beneficial to the acid-base balance in the body.


Dark Molasses Sugar has the function of tonifying the middle and benefiting the qi, strengthening the spleen and warming the stomach, as well as eliminating food stagnation, and also activating blood stasis, relieving pain and contracting the uterus, making it particularly suitable for maternity.


Drinking thick dark molasses sugar water tea before and after the menstrual period can help to smoothly discharge menstrual blood and ease the discomfort of the period. As dark molasses sugar contains a lot of iron, it can replenish the depletion during menstruation. If you are irritable, drink some dark molasses sugar water to reduce the feeling of irritability. High in nutritional value, it is also extremely useful in eliminating fatigue and maintaining energy.


Cheng Shi Premium Dark Unrefined Molasses Sugar 850g is a soft, moist, sticky, fine-grained sugar with dark brown sugar cane crystals. It has a rich aroma and a soft texture and is made naturally from sugar cane juice, with no additives or chemicals added.
You can use it in baking or cooking, or just add it to any of your favourite hot drinks.


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