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CHEONG HOONG 张洪 ~ 姜饮姜食姜保健 Amazing Life with Ginger
CHEONG HOONG 张洪 ~ 姜饮姜食姜保健 Amazing Life with Ginger
CHEONG HOONG 张洪 ~ 姜饮姜食姜保健 Amazing Life with Ginger





In the spirit of the most sincere passion for life, he embarked on a long journey to find his roots, and it took 10 years to finally find a unique Malaysian specialty "Bentong Highland Ginger", and it is a premium quality product, in order to be able to bring the heat needed by the body to everyone, so that our body can gradually restore health.

Master Cheong has personally participated in the development of more than 80 different products made from different types of  ginger, hoping to promote the benefits of these ginger and share this unique specialty with everyone.

Master Cheong represents the mission of an era, he has told us that there is a taste that never changes, and that is the strong taste of human kindness. No matter how the world changes, please remember to let Master Cheong bring you the taste of the original gingers that we have, and to bring health to all of our customers.

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  1. 有助于减缓关节炎 (如:骨关节炎,类风湿关节炎)
  2. 减低患老年痴呆症的风险
  3. 有助于控制糖尿病患血糖值
  4. 促进体内胆分泌
  5. 有效抵御阿尔兹海默氏症 
  6. 有助于代谢脂肪维持理想体重
  7. 促进伤口愈合
  8. 抗氧化
  9. 仰制前列腺癌细胞的生长
  10. 有助延长寿命




Benefit of Turmeric Powder:

  1. Helps slow down arthritis (eg osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis)

  2. Reduce Alzheimer's disease

  3. Helps control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes

  4. Promote bile secretion in the body

  5. Effective protection against Alzheimer's

  6. Helps to metabolize fat to maintain ideal weight

  7. Promote wound healing

  8. Anti-oxidation

  9. Control the growth of prostate cancer cells

  10. Helps extend life




Black Ginger Powder

Black Ginger Powder is known as a male libido enhancer and a prolific natural dietary health supplement for cardiovascular health and improved cognitive function. You can mix this powder to any warm beverages that you prefer to enjoy the benefits of black ginger.

Scientific name: Kaempferia parviflora.