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高山文冬姜有机香茅茶 BENTONG H/GINGER ORGANIC LEMONGRASS TEA BAG 56G (2g x 28 sachets)
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- 有助于消化系统

- 帮助提神

准备一个500ml保温壶,放进1小包高山文冬姜有机香茅茶 + 热水500ml. 完成!

Tips: 摇滚后静放一分钟就可以马上饮用



Tips: 可以添加2次热水还有淡淡姜香茅的甜味,来保暖自己的身体。





Bentong Highland Ginger Organic Lemongrass Tea 

Benefits of Bentong Highland Ginger Organic Lemongrass Tea:
- Improves the digestive system
- Refreshes and gives an uplifting mood

Brewing method:
Prepare a 500ml thermos flask and drop in 1 small sachet of Bentong Highland Ginger Organic Lemongrass Tea bag + 500ml of hot water. Done!


Tips: Let the flask sit for 1 minute, then give it a gentle shake. It is now ready for immediate drinking.  

The Bentong Highland Ginger Organic Lemongrass Tea bag in the thermos flask can be drunk for the whole day.

Tips: Add hot water twice to enjoy the remaining light and sweet fragrance of ginger and lemongrass while keeping your body warm.
This drink is suitable for office workers and helps them solve their dehydration problem. When office workers are busy, they forget to drink water. Their bodies are lacking in water and sitting down for the whole day does not help to increase the metabolism either.
A cup of this drink that has been kept warm by the thermos flask can allow them to enjoy a drink of warm Bentong Highland Ginger Organic Lemongrass Tea bag all the time. 

•    100% natural ingredients
•    No added preservatives
•    No added colouring
•    No other added spices 
•    No added sugar